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Ninternational Conference On Digital Heritage

29 Ottobre 2018 00:00 - 3 Novembre 2018 00:00
From the 29th of October until the 3rd of November 2018 we will have the opportunity to come together, exchange our know-how and experiences in the Cultural Heritage research as well as the current and future worldwide developments in this area.
Protecting, preserving and presenting our Cultural Heritage are frequently interpreted as change management and/or change the behavior of the society. Joint European and international research produces a scientific background and support for such a change. We are living in a period characterized by rapid and remarkable changes in the environment, in the society and in technology. Natural change, war conflicts and man-made changes, including climate, as well as technological and societal change, form an ever-moving and colorful stage and a challenge for the society. Close cooperation between professionals, the policy makers and authorities internationally, is necessary for research, development and technology in the field of cultural heritage.

Altre date

  • Da 29 Ottobre 2018 00:00 a 3 Novembre 2018 00:00
  • 27 Settembre 2018 00:00

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