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Gli Effetti Dell'acqua Sui Beni Culturali Valutazioni, Critiche E Modalità Di Verifica

30 Giugno 2020 00:00 - 3 Luglio 2020 00:00
Casa della Gioventù - Bressanone

Critical assessments and verification methods

XXXVI° Convegno Internazionale  Scienza e Beni Culturali

Bressanone, 30 giugno - 3 luglio 2020

The conference will collect studies, researches, reflections and experiences, recent or in progress, concerning the effects of water on cultural heritage, articulated in the following five tracks:

1) Water "from invasion":
• Methodologies and techniques against capillary rise,
• Prevention and diagnosis of water infiltration,
• Use of innovative materials and technologies

2) Indoor microclimate:
• The recovery of damp rooms,
• Technologies and solutions for microclimate control aimed at the preventive conservation of collections, decorations, archival and book heritage,
• Mechanical systems for the control of the microclimate,
• Effects of building insulation systems, comfort and energetic efficiency interventions on buildings materials and components are as well of interest. 

3) Climate change:
• Risks for the conservation of historical buildings and their context with particular reference to the effects of rising sea level, coastal erosion, natural and induced subsidence, the impact of human activities on groundwater and reservoirs;
• The high vulnerability to atmospheric agents of archaeological sites and vernacular architecture, in particular of buildings made of more sensitive/perishable materials such as wood, plaster or raw earth, due to the frequency and intensity of atmospheric precipitation;
• The impact of human activities on aquifers and other water reservoirs and the consequent impact on cultural heritage and the territory 

4) Water in Restoration:
• The use of water in restoration and conservation practices/interventions;
• Water as a solvent,
• Effects of the use of water in fire fighting emergences

5) Water in archaeological contexts (visible, non-visible and submerged structures):
• Water management in archaeological sites;
• Conservation issues of archaeological structures subjected to variations in humidity;
• Degradation processes, restoration techniques and behaviour of materials and submerged architectural structures over time. 

The aim of the Convegno Scienza e Beni Culturali 2020 is therefore to collect reflections and experiences on these issues from different perspectives. When submitting, authors are invited to preliminary indicate the session for which the contribution is proposed.
For all sessions, the contributions will have to explain both the scientific problem faced, and the real experiences including instrumental/analytical verification. The Conference will not accept: theoretical works without application feedback, case studies missing a clear reference to a problem, to the state of the art or to the innovation produced by the proposed paper.

Termini e scadenze al 28 ottobre 2019:

  • Termine invio abstract: 18 NOVEMBRE 2019
  • Notifica accettazione abstract: 20 DICEMBRE 2019
  • Termine invio testo completo: 28 FEBBRAIO 2020
  • Prima notifica valutazione testi: 27 APRILE 2020
  • Termine invio testo rivisto: 18 MAGGIO 2020

Altre date

  • Da 30 Giugno 2020 00:00 a 3 Luglio 2020 00:00

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